Monday, September 19, 2005

Response to Gas Prices

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As a poor college student booming gas prices are a down right pain in the ass. So what does one poor student do? Or anybody for that matter? Well, there are many routs, but I decided to acquire a bike. I found one that didn't belong to anybody in the basement of the house I am living in. I got it fixed up, and now I am gas free. Sure it cost money to fix it, but in my mind I'm not only getting off my fat ass, and getting some exercise, but I am feeling good about it.

In my opinion the gas price boom is, in large part, due to panic. And I chose not to support it. I think when gas companies can price their gas in relation to the actual supply and demand of the country and stop profiteering than I will decide to support them, but until then. I just have to make sure I leave for class a few minutes earlier than I would normaly.
What do you think?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Stormy Beach

I finally was able to get to get my film developed from the summer. So you all are the first to see my latest work. This is from the 4th of July, before a storm came in.
I was having a hard time finding some good opportunities for shooting, nothing was appealing to me. While I was cleaning off the beach I noticed how beautiful it was that this storm was rolling through. I ran back to the camp sight and grabbed my camera.